World Children´s day

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On this special day the kindergarten team was able to surprise the KIGA children in celebration of world/international children´s day. We had lots of activities planned as well as a bonus task for the preschool children. Not only did we focus on it being joyful for the children but we also focused on the educational aspect.

Our first surprise was having the classrooms decorated while the children were having their breakfast. The look on their faces after returning were worth every second of blowing balloons, buying snacks and making customized puzzles. We started off with explaining the games and activities available during the morning circle and gave each and every child a card that represented the 6 different activities including the “bonus activity”.

With permission of the parents the children could choose to get their face painted. This resulted in having little spider men, tigers, unicorns, minions and different other faces walking around with the biggest smile. Afterwards they had the opportunity to play a friendly game of sack race as well as “balance the ball on a spoon”, “throw the ball through the hoops” and “break the pyramid”. They also got to assemble their own customized puzzles as well as the bonus round that focused on finding the letters to their names.

After all the fun and games in the classrooms we had another surprise in the sport room which included a small disco party with music and snacks. It is safe to say that the children had the utmost fun on this day!