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June 1st we gathered to celebrate a day dedicated to the young hopes and aspirations of the world.

The day itself is celebrated in all the schools around the world. Today, at our school there was an explosion of happiness,hugs and laughter . All the children engaged in various fun and games. There were water games, face paintings, sand castles , snacks, and more, spread all around the playground, as far as our little eyes could see!

The kids of all ages and talents were delighted to show their happiness and share their snacks with their mates and loved ones. Teachers, parents, and friends encouraged and supported the children with zeal and enthusiasm, to be free in their minds and hearts and showcase the best versions of themselves.

Apart from these exciting activities, there was also a variety of interesting entertainment like singing, dancing, and our favorite movie to create a sense of festival for kids. The children were allowed to wear swim wear, unlike the rest of the year when they are required to appear in school uniforms and attires.

This day represents celebration of the blessing and wonder of children.
A whimsical day of frivolities, fun, and frolics like this day can bring a zest of happiness and excitement for our kids. This not only refreshes their bodies and minds but also creates moments of inspiration to try even harder to achieve their best performances, outcomes, and goals.