Our first field trip in 2023 The Ball Pit Outing

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On the second day of March 2023, we were all over the moon to experience our first kindergarten field trip in the year of the rabbit. The children were all excited not only because it was our first outing but because of the Ball Pit activities they love so much! Between the hours of 9:30 and 13:30, the kindergarten children had the freedom to play and create new memories. The smiles on their faces truly showed how great of a day it was. This mall had an enormous and secured indoor playground, which resulted in each child having enough space and ground to cover. They could run, jump and slide as much as they wanted, knowing that it was a safe place for them. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch prepared by the kitchen staff for us to take outdoors. The healthy sandwiches, milk, bananas and boiled eggs were a nutritional addition to boost everyone’s energy so they could play more. However, the fun had the upper hand given that almost every child was sleeping on the bus on our way back to the kindergarten. It was nothing more than a success and this first outdoor activity will surely open up more doors for more activities and more fun to be experienced!