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On May 18th, it was a gloriously beautiful day, and adventure was had with another memorable trip… this time to the Ball Pit Playground.

School trips leave a great impact in the mind of the students. These experiences foster a great sense of independence in each child, as their young minds explore new places without the familiarity of their families. Accompanied by their teachers, they are encouraged to learn through exploration and rely on their own interpretation to enjoy the activities of the trip. This kind of gently guided play, allows the children to feel a sense of responsibility.

There is a very big difference between the experience of being at school, an environment that is part of their everyday lives, and having a trip with the school to a new and unfamiliar place. From the enjoyment found playing in the vast playground to the relaxation found in observing the new scenery, children find there is no limit to making new memories.

Today we had so much fun as a team. For us students, playing is the most effective form of learning. We can develop our gross motor skills through a variety of fun activities such as the ones we engaged in today. For instance, active play that uses the large muscles of the legs, arms, and trunk is important for our health and physical development. Learning to harness the power of our muscles to run, jump, throw, catch, and kick is vital to the growth of our bodies and brains. Not to mention, it provides heaps of fun!

After playing we had a scrumptious sandwich filled with vegetables and protein… we also had some milk and fruits. But to wrap it up mama packed a special treat too, and water to keep us hydrated through our trip.

Sadly we had to end this fantastic day which we enjoyed so much, hopped on the bus, and back to school we went.

We really hope we can go back sometime. We love our special trips to the playground, where we can enjoy physical games with our friends, like we did today.

This was one of the best things I enjoyed at the playground. It is great to learn in a form of play. This helped us relax a lot.