Auf zu einem chinesischen Bauernhof

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On Thursday, October 12th, the entire kindergarten team went on its first excursion for the 23/24 kindergarten year. We were able to take advantage of the wonderful sunny weather and explore a farm. In contrast to October last year, this time the children were able to harvest carrots from the ground and pick apples from the garden as well as feed the animals at the farm. Everyone was very happy about that. It was particularly exciting because the team from GIK was also able to join us for their first excursion. The children examined the carrots and apples with all their senses. Each child was also able to take an apple home with them. As on the last visit, the highlight of the trip was feeding the animals. We were able to feed rabbits, chickens, roosters and goats with delicious, fresh salad. This made not only the animals happy, but also the children. Before the lunch picnic, we went to the playground to exercise with all of our friends and enjoyed the sun. It was a great start to the Autumn season and an exciting kindergarten year and we are gladly looking forward to many more trips in this new year.