Halloween in der DISC 2020

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On Friday ,30th of October, another Halloween celebration at DISC, it is the perfect time for costumes and games. Though we still have had a normal schedule in the morning , we could not hold back the children’s enthusiasm for the ‘trick or treat celebration’. The children dressed up in scary looking or fun looking costumes (such as skeleton, ghost, pirate, vampire, werewolf, V for Vendetta ,princess, ladybug, Spider man and Batman.) The 3rd and 4th grade girls even helped their homeroom teacher Herr Wildung to put up the Halloween makeup with artificial blood. Thanks to the girls’ creativity , below a picture of the scary teacher is attached.


In the afternoon, the children knocked on every classroom door and Herr Pitzner’s office door. ‘Süßes oder Saures’ ,’trick or treat’ were yelled out in every spooky way. To be more specific, the 3rd and 4th graders didn’t stop howling like werewolves in Herr Pitzner’s office until everyone got their candies. (Pictures attached)


We also had a short dance party for 15 minutes in the gym before we went trick or treat to CAIS fifth grade. The children were so excited to see some old friends just as excited as they saw the Halloween candies.

Goodbye Halloween, we will see you next year.