Easter Spectacular: Hopping into Spring at DISC!

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The week of 25 March, 2024 begins with the Easter (Ostern) spirit at DISC. The excitement fills the atmosphere as the learners indulge in craft activities in preparation for the Easter week. Easter is a holiday celebrated in many parts of the world, it isn’t just about chocolate eggs and bunnies. It’s a time for creativity, engagement, and building community spirit. It is symbolized by an Easter bunny and eggs. Each class does different tasks to celebrate this festival and express their creativity. The finished products are used to decorate the class and some are taken home as gifts for the family.

This year, the school pulled out all the stops with a week-long celebration filled with fun-filled activities for students of all ages.

Class 1 kicked off the festivities with an ´egg-citing´ session of egg decoration and Easter egg writing. With Easter songs playing in the background, students got into the holiday spirit as they unleashed their artistic talents on delicate eggshells. Alongside, they received Easter egg writing templates to pen down their holiday wishes.

In Class 2, students delved into DIY chick wall decorations and egg coloring, embracing the vibrant hues of spring. The classroom buzzed with energy as they crafted egg nests adorned with colorful paper and whimsical bugs, symbolizing the essence of growth and renewal.

Classes 3 and 4 explored a myriad of Easter crafts, from painting bunnies to creating intricate bunny families out of paper cuttings. They also penned heartfelt Easter wishes to their families, spreading joy and love during the festive season.

Class 5 took creativity to new heights with bunny carving, transforming simple stones into miniature sculptures. Their Easter card decorations, embellished with fresh flowers, infused the classroom with the fragrant essence of spring, captivating all senses.

The grand finale came at the assembly, where each class proudly showcased their Easter creations. Students exchanged compliments, celebrating the diversity and versatility of their peers‘ creative endeavors. Throughout the week, the school buzzed with Easter-themed activities, including interactive walls for picture matching, word searches, and egg coloring.

As Friday arrived, excitement peaked with an egg hunt extravaganza. Children dashed across the playground in search of hidden treasures, their laughter echoing in the air. Finally, Easter Monday marked the conclusion of the festivities as the children enjoyed a festive film about Easter before embarking on one final egg hunt. Their excitement was palpable as they eagerly searched for the Easter eggs hidden by the bunny. With determination and enthusiasm, they successfully discovered all the hidden treasures, marking a triumphant conclusion to the Easter celebration. In the end, it was all smiles and cheers as students bid farewell to another memorable Easter celebration at DISC. From egg decorations to heartfelt wishes, the spirit of Easter brought joy and togetherness to all. Happy Easter from DISC