Cultural Meeting

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As you all know, our school, the DISC, is located in a Chinese Middleschool, the 2nd Experimental High School, in Renmin Dajie..This opens great opportunities for contact and communication with the 4000 Chinese pupils of this school..But usually, we just meet in the canteen or on the schoolyard and don’t talk much.

We, the 9th grade of the DISC (Adam, Jan, Malte and Pauline), were interested in getting to know each other more closely and that’s why our English- and classteacher, Mrs Groß, asked the Chinese school’s headmaster, Mrs Li Guo-rong, if we could arrange this.

And finally, after a couple of months and several e-mails between Mrs Groß and the Chinese English teacher Mr Xing, 10 selected Chinese students came to visit our little part of the school building.

Together with grade 8 (Kim, Stefan and Tara) and 10 (Ainhoa, Florian, Kai, Philipp and Sarah) we had prepared some typical German food and drinks to offer to our Chinese guests..

When they arrived, we were first introduced to each other and then did some games to start talking – mostly in English, sometimes in Chinese and finally with the help of our smartphone dictionaries.

We were really surprised to hear that the Chinese students have to be at school from 6 in the morning until 6 in the evening.  How lucky we are! We can spend our afternoons at home. Though there’s enough homework to do.

Finally, we all tasted the food we had prepared and the Chinese students had to leave. We do hope that we will meet again very soon!

Pauline Thill, grade 9